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Live Coaching by a
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
in Just 1 Minute a Day


Book a free consultation call with one of the members of our clinical team. We'll discuss your goals, timetable, measurable milestones for success, and answer any questions.


You'll determine what custom price you're willing to pay, informed by our Pay-Per-Habit™ calculator.


Our clinical team will determine whether you're a good candidate for Habit Design Coaching, applying our patent-pending AI algorithms based from our extensive training of over 100,000 clients. About 80% of candidates are accepted.


Accepted candidates will receive an email with further instructions, including a bio of your new dedicated coach/clinician, how to pay your tuition, etc. You set the start and end date for your coaching term.


During the 12-week coaching program, one of our licensed and certified clinical psychologists will be dedicated to helping you design your first Habit Design(s), using our AI that applies the best practices of more than 100,000 other clients that we've coached before you.


Each weekday, (s)he will contact you after you practice your new habit(s). (S)he may ask you some simple questions.

Each time you practice your new habits successfully by correctly applying the Habit Design method, as a reward you'll earn back more of the tuition you initially paid upon enrollment.

Each week, you'll complete a brief online exercise that gradually advances your training. It's that simple, easy peasy!


At the conclusion of your 12-week coaching (or longer if you choose to extend it), depending on how well you've mastered the training, you'll receive a refund of the portion of the tuition you earned back, minus processing fees to cover taxes, payment processing, etc. 

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