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The First and Only

60 day moneyback guarantee_edited.png

in the Industry

Ever wonder why all those authors of self-help books, the therapists and trainers, coaches, and "gurus"

never put their money where their mouth is?


We do!

So, we're pioneering a new path for ensuring that there's a win-win partnership on your journey to success. By the conclusion of your coaching, if you have not shown any measurable progress towards automating your new habit(s), as outlined upfront in your initial free consultation call, we'll gladly give your money back.

Our lawyers tell us we have to say, "terms & conditions apply", which are fully outlined in your coaching agreement, which you'll review before beginning your coaching.

So far, only 4% of our clients have requested their money back. And, we're happy to do so, because, let's be honest,


nothing works for everyone all the time!

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