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Name Your Price
and Earn Cash Back

While they're cheap, aren't you tired of self-help books that you either don't finish or that don't actually work over the long-run?


Well, you get what you pay for.


And, on the other hand, therapy, coaching, or long-term memberships are expensive and rarely lead to lasting results. 

There's a simpler, more affordable and effective way to master the force of habit: we call it Pay-Per-Habit™.

Pay-Per-Habit is a patent-pending algorithmic calculator that applies A.I. to calculate a customized coaching fee, tailored to your personal goals, desired habits, background, coaching preferences, etc. The calculator then suggests an optimal pricing range that other clients like you found to be a great value.

It gets even better:

Depending on how well your training goes, you'll be able to earn back up to 80% of your paid tuition

when your coaching ends; terms & conditions applyThink of it as an extra nudge or reward for mastering the force of habit each day.


Everybody wins!

Name Your Price

During your free consultation call, we'll help you apply our patent-pending Pay-Per-Habit™ calculator to determine how much it's worth to you to master each habit you want to make automatic. Starting coaching rates can be as low as just $1 per habit per day.

Our Slice: Just 20%

Whatever you end up paying for tuition, our administrative fee for your coaching over 12 weeks is a flat 20%. This covers taxes, payment processing, and coaching support. 

Earn Back Up To 80%

The remaining 80% is kept in escrow on your behalf: you can earn back the entirety of the escrow, depending on how quickly and successfully you master the Habit Design method and automate your new "habit designs".

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