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World Bank Independent Evaluation Group: "Habit Design Accelerated Habits Five-Times Faster"

Habit Design was commissioned by the bank to deliver their patent-pending behavior change training for creating sustainable daily habits to over 13,000 worldwide employees.

World Bank chief knowledge officer Monika Weber-Fahr said, "Organizational, not just individual, behaviors greatly affect the efficacy of learning organizations that seek to drive their decisions through best practices. As we expand and deepen efforts to apply the science of behavior change across our entire enterprise, we are excited by the impact Habit Design has brought in helping WBG individuals, teams, and clients learn, practice, and master the science of sustainable habits."

Link to panel discussion video (Annual Finance Ministers Summit, Lima, Peru, 2015)

Citation: Weber-Fahr (2015, October 13). Can the World Bank kick this habit? World Bank Independent Evaluation Group.


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