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"Our enthusiasm in partnering with Habit Design® is related to our commitment to support the use of evidence-based practices in health behavior change, and to our outstanding initial success testing Habit Design internally among our team members -  93% of whom were successful in applying Habit Design toward automating a new daily habit in just 9 days (7x faster than alternatives). To our knowledge, no other habit-training protocol has matched this degree of success."

- Terri Hanlon-Bremer, SVP Employer Solutions & Population Health, TriHealth

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"Habit Design is a breakthrough behavior-change system that supplements one-on-one coaching with a simple yet elegant synthesis of multiple behavior-change techniques."

- Dr. Susan Stoner, Research Associate Professor, University of Washington

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"Habit Design should be required training for anyone in healthcare."

- American Psychological Association Annual Conference, 2019 (Chicago, IL)

Candace Winterbauer

"My health coaching clients rave about Habit Design! 98% of my clients have been successful in creating multiple, lasting new healthy habits that have lasted well beyond even 9 months. This has led to them losing weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing their need for medications, and so much more."

- Candace Winterbauer, Health Coach (Cincinnati, OH)

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"Habit Design's approach to sustainable behavior change is truly innovative & impactful for population health."

- Dr. Chad Morris, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Center

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"There is so much excitement now about Habit Design."

- Dr. Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist & Lecturer, Stanford University 

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"We're excited by the impact Habit Design has brought in helping us learn, practice, and master the science of sustainable habits."

- Monika Weber-Fahr, Chief Knowledge Officer, The World Bank

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"Habit Design is the leading authority in how organizations can create sustainable behavior change."

- Jim Collins, New York Times bestselling author of Built to Last, Good to Great, et al.

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"Becoming a certified Habit Design coach has been a tremendous help in increasing the engagement and impact of the employee wellness programs I manage at our company."

- Shelly Scamardo, Health & Wellness Manager, Power Design

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