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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Habit Design?

The only habit coaching backed by the NIH, Habit Design is the fastest way to create new habits, guaranteed. It is clinically proven to accelerate new habits in just 9 days, compared to the published previous clinical standard of 66-88+ days.


Source: Kim M, Lara ME. Designing Sustainable Behavior Change With Habit Design. American Journal of Health Promotion. 2017;31(4) 364-366.

How long does each session take?

For each habit you're practicing each weekday, you'll have one reserved coaching session with your designated clinician. We estimate it should only take 60 seconds, but if you're distracted (like driving) or otherwise unable to respond to some simple questions asked by your coach, it might take a bit longer, but that's entirely up to you.

Can I get my healthcare insurance to reimburse me for my coaching?

Our particular kind of tele-therapy is often covered by insurance, but you'll want to check directly with your insurance provider or employer. We do not manage insurance reimbursement directly for you but can provide you with documentation upon request.

Can I receive CE (continuing education) credit for this program?

This coaching program has been qualified for at least 12 CE credits by many professional accreditation organizations. Upon successful completion of your coaching term, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you may submit to the accreditation agency of your choosing. We do not guarantee nor manage accreditation processing, that is up to you. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Do you support "PEPM/Y" or "PMPM/Y" pricing for organizations, rather than individualized tuition/billing?

Yes. Email us the details of how many eligible employees and/or members/subscriptions you wish to register to, and we'd be happy to send you our PEPM and PMPM/Case Rate details (terms & conditions may apply).

How can I become a certified Habit Design coach, and how does it compare to other certification programs?

Here's a very simple comparison chart of Habit Design® in relation to two other programs (click the table below to enlarge):  










Currently, all of our coaches work for Habit Design either as employees or independent contractors. If you'd like to work with us in either capacity, email us at for more details.

Certification Comparison
Do you partner with other companies like payers, healthcare providers, et al. allowing them to redistribute or resell your coaching? 

Yes. We've partnered with dozens of companies in this manner. For more information, email a detailed request to and we'll followup with you.

Are you available for speaking engagements and/or custom consulting projects?

Yes, but only for very selective opportunities. Email us the details to

What if I want more time in a given session?

Additional time can be requested during your session, based on mutual agreement with your coach. Note, the coach will be compensated for any extra minutes (beyond the 1-minute/habit/weekday supported in the base package) from the remaining available balance from the tuition you paid at the beginning of the program. The cost per minute is determined up front when you and your coach discuss what price you'd like to choose, based on The Pay-Per-Habit Calculator. 

Do you provide group discounts? How can I enroll multiple people?

Yes. Email us the details of how many people you wish to register to, and we'd be happy to followup with you directly with more information.

Why isn't this available in a book?

You do know that almost 50% of self-help book purchases are either never read or never finished, right? Over fifty years of academic research of over 1,000 habit formation techniques has resulted in several clear conclusions, foremost of which is that accelerating new habits is a set of skills or a "discipline", and disciplines require real-time, progressive instruction from a live expert in the field, much like learning how to play the piano or to swing a golf club. Are there books that purport to teach you how to learn golf? Of course, but are they effective?

Do you provide onsite or virtual workshops for organizations?

Yes. Email us the details of how many participants and where/when to, and we'll send you more information on our 1-day and 2-day workshop options.

Am I correct that your company actually gets paid less when clients perform or do well in their training? Isn't that backwards?

It sounds crazy and counter-intuitive, but yes, you're right. Turns out we've seen that it actually costs us less to successfully support clients who are already "locked in" to their coaching and can progress quickly without much supervision. So, it made sense that we pass along that savings back to our clients as an incentive to improve quickly. We've also found that clients that "get it" quickly not only cost us less to support but frequently refer a friend or colleague to enroll. So, we actually think it's a win-win for everyone!

Does this require FDA approval?

Currently, our solution does not require FDA approval, since it would be considered a derivative of tele-therapy. 

What is your pricing for members of the Sourcewell purchasing cooperative?

Email us at with your Sourcewell membership ID, and we'd be happy to followup with you.

Do you offer promotional discounts for referring family members, friends, colleagues, etc. to enroll?

Yes, we do. More details about our referral/affiliate program is provided to clients upon successful enrollment. 

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