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Pay-Per-Habit™ and
Earn Cash Back

While they're cheap, aren't you tired of self-help books you don't finish or don't work in the long-run?


Well, you get what you pay for.

And, therapy, trainers, and long-term memberships are expensive and rarely yield lasting results.

We've invented a simpler, more affordable and effective way to master the force of habit:  


We utilize A.I. that compares your coaching application to the records of over 100,000 past clients to calculate an optimal daily coaching rate for each habit, called Pay-Per-Habit, starting as low as just $4.

It gets even better:

Depending on how well your training goes, you'll be able to earn back up to 80% of your paid tuition when your coaching ends (terms & conditions apply)Think of it as an extra nudge or reward for mastering the force of habit each day.

Complete the Habit Design Coaching Application and, if accepted, our clinical team will discuss your customized Pay-Per-Habit rate during your free, 30-minute consultation. 

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