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American Journal of Health Promotion: Habit Design® Leads to 2x Greater Weight Loss & ROI

"Overweight participants applying Habit Design’s habit training lost twice as much weight as a control group following a 12-week intervention, whereas participants using a more standard weight loss program relapsed over time. In addition, 78% of Habit Design trainees (N=4,152) reported daily engagement with their healthy habits resulting in a 72% increase in wellness activity and 190% (or 1.9x) average return-on-investment (ROI) over a one-year period. In comparison, typical corporate lifestyle management programs suffer a -50% ROI, according to RAND Corporation." Link.

Citation: Kim M, Lara ME. Designing Sustainable Behavior Change With Habit Design. American Journal of Health Promotion.2017;31(4) 364-366.


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