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McKinsey Global Institute: "Subconscious Programs [e.g., Habit Design] Increase ROI by 180%+"

McKinsey & Company, the leading global management consulting firm, determined that the majority of health interventions genres are driven ‘‘largely by subconscious, or habitual, behaviors’’ including ‘‘workplace wellness.’’ Al

though these largely subconscious interventions drove the majority (67%) of total health impact, they were under-deployed, accounting for only 40% of intervention budgets.

‘‘By removing the need for willpower from the equation,’’McKinsey concluded, ‘‘subconscious interventions [such as Habit Design] have a greater chance of succeeding, have greater impact, and are also more cost-effective.’’ Link.

Citation: McKinsey Global Institute (2014) Overcoming Obesity: An Initial Economic Analysis. McKinsey Global Institute.


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